May 16 & 17: Cahoots

March 12, 2014

cahoots-verticalThe Pocahontas County Drama Workshop presents Cahoots, a comedy of crime, conspiracy and cover-up, on Friday May 16 and Saturday May 17 at 8:00 p.m.

Farce runs rampant as two couples who are long-time friends conspire and mis-conspire in this witty and fast-paced caper. A three foot pepper mill, a pink dinner napkin and a Manhattan high rise balcony work their way into the plot’s absurdity.

The play features veteran actor Scott Triplett in the role of Al, whose leadership of a neighborhood crime watch organization leads to paranoia. Drama Workshop newcomer Diana Clarke portrays Al’s wife Lois, a disgruntled fiction editor. Andrew Lacasse debuts with the Workshop as Ken, a marginally successful architect with some suppressed anger issues. The role of Ken’s wife Jan, a self absorbed commercial actress struggling to find work, is filled by Lisa Burns, also in a first appearance with the theater group. Rounding out the list of new talent is Dan Schultz, appearing as Grant, a uniformed officer trying to make some sense of it all. [read more...]

April 4: All Terrain Poetry

AllTerrainPoetry001Organizer Neal Krakover thought ALL TERRAIN best describes the territory where poetry lives. The healing power of self-talk—of soliloquy—is universal. To celebrate April as national Poetry Month both T.S. Eliot (who said poetry is a raid on the inarticulate) and Lousie McNeill(who spoke of a place called solid) were the inspiration for the event. Krakover called on his best poet friends to read, and they said yes. Some of the night’s proceeds will help High Rocks Academy writing program to continue serving young writers in Pocahontas County.

Featured poets:

  • Wolf Knight
  • Kirk Judd
  • Mary Moore McLaughlin
  • Uncle Edward Wabbit
  • Doug VanGundy
  • Megan Moriarty
  • Margaret Baker
  • Lynmarie Knight
  • Neal Krakover

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