Route 39 Byway LuncheonThe Opera House is a unique historical venue, located in the heart of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Built in 1910 as a vaudeville theater and community performance hall, it was lovingly restored during the 1990s and reopened once again as a performance hall and community space in 2000. When you rent the Opera House to host your event, you’re renting a piece of history!

The Pocahontas County Opera House is available to host all kinds of events. Flexible seating and nearly 5,000 square feet of space gives you the adaptability you need for your reception, banquet, luncheon, concert, seminar — just about any event you might be planning.

The Opera House has a capacity of approximately 250. Rentals are on a daily basis. Rental rates are $300 per day for private or business rentals and $200 per day for non-profit groups. An additional $50.00 deposit is required with your signed rental agreement and will be refunded if building is left in good order.

These rental rates and fees only cover use of the building. Any costs associated with rental of additional sound, lighting or other production equipment, staff, concessions, artists’ requirements, etc. are the sole responsibility of the lessee unless specifically addressed in the rental agreement.

For rental inquiries, please visit our contact page or call 304-799-6645. Please include your contact information, as well as the date(s) you are interested in renting the Opera House.

Please review the rental agreement (PDF) that must be signed.

Available for use:

  • Sound system
    • CD, Cassette, and Audio Input (over standard 3.5mm headphone jack or XLR / microphone cable)
    • 3 Microphones and stands
  • 30-foot wide stage
  • Retractable audio-visual screen, 16′ x 12′
  • 12 rectangular tables, 6′ x 2.5′
  • 11 round tables, 5′ diameter
  • Approximately 220 chairs with arms and 50 chairs without
  • White table linens (An additional $2 per tablecloth cleaning fee is required.)
    • 12 square tablecloths, 66″ x 66″
    • 15 rectangular tablecloths, 114″ x 60″
    • 12 round tablecloths, 110″ diameter
    • 10 round tablecloths, 72″ diameter
    • Approximately 100 napkins, 16″ x 16″
  • Ivory table linens (An additional $2 per tablecloth cleaning fee is required.)
    • 12 rectangular tablecloths, 92″ x 52″
    • 12 round tablecloths, 84″ diameter